Retained Search

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Our core skill is finding the best people in the Industry

A retained search is the most effective way to identify the best talent in the market. It has considerable advantages:

  • Mapping out the market takes away the risk.
  • Systematic evaluation, comparison, benchmarking and selection, produces the top three or four candidates in the market from whom to choose.
  • You get to choose the best person, not someone who is simply 'good'.
  • Appointing the best candidate creates tangible, competitive advantage for your business.
  • It ensures complete focus of each viable candidate.

Why Retained Search might not be right for your business:

  • A retained search is the most expensive way in which to recruit. (However, it is excellent value if the individual offers your business differentiation in the market place.)
  • An up-front retainer is required. (Yes, but we provide assurances on delivery so that you are protected throughout.)
  • The process can take up to three months to complete. (This may sound a long time, but quality is worth waiting for in the long term.)
  • The length of time means there is a possibility of losing an outstanding candidate identified early in the process. (This can occur, so if we are satisfied that an individual meets the set criteria, we would recommend fast tracking the process.)