Targeted Search

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We know who the best performing individuals are, where they are and how to get them

A targeted search is a fast and an efficient process. Consider some of the following benefits:

  • A targeted search is a fast and an efficient process for businesses needing to make appointments rapidly. The mapping exercise is bypassed and a list of suitable candidates are presented within a shorter time frame, which is  agreed with you in advance.
  • The process works effectively as we draw on our global knowledge, comprehensive database & networking skills.
  • As this is a shorter process, a lower fee structure can sometimes be applied as part of an overall recruitment strategy.

Why a Targeted Search might not be right for your business:
  • Without a comprehensive mapping exercise, the net is not thrown over as many potential candidates. (However, we still guarantee a quality shortlist drawn from our network of contacts, our targeted research and The McNair Partnership Group database.)